Entertainment Technology

While the amusement industry slowly starts to shift away from traditional coin fed amusement games, Barberio Entertainment Company is ready with the newest cashless technology. BMC currently utilizes Embed Card Systems to provide a state of the art cashless arcade for customers. This card based system allows your patrons to effortlessly get into the gaming action.  Customers will stay longer, visit more often and increase their spending as a result of the better entertainment experience at your business. Increased customer satisfaction means higher revenue for your business.

Upgrading to Embed shrinks your daily labor requirements, which immediately translates to instant savings and guest service improvements. Embed has been proven to reduce operating costs, help you make better investment decisions and drive your top line sales. It all equals bigger profits. Embed’s fixed and mobile point of sales together with our self-service kiosks offer a better experience for customers..

RouteBoost keeps track of all your entertainment assets, saves time on location, increases accuracy at location, lets you view location revenue information. You will spend less time entering data, eliminate entering duplicate data, and get collection data as it happens with easy reporting. RouteBoost also gives you the ability to set splits, fees and minimums, and record tax information, taking away the human error factor. With RouteBoost Barberio Entertainment can increase collection efficiency.