Revenue Information

A positive guest experience means more revenue!

Companies are using revenue sharing because it allows them closely watch their available cash reserves and bank lines to better meet unexpected changes in their business.

What are the benefits of leasing your amusement system?

  • Zero cost to the location on purchasing machines
  • Improved cash flow
  • Flexibility on swapping equipment
  • Preserves locations working capital

Buying your equipment outright is one potential option for your business, this option requires the most time and effort. In addition to start-ups that already have funding in place, many small arcade, restaurant, bar and retail shop owners choose to use their existing cash or savings, bank lines of credit or home equity loans, or in some instances, even credit cards to buy their games. Purchasing the machines is just the beginning, machine maintenance and management are the next steps and only add to your operating overhead.

Please contact Barberio Entertainment Company about out revenue sharing at your business location.